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CND Blizzard Board 100/180 Grit

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  • Brand: CND
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  • We absolutely love the CND Blizzard Board, it has great flexibility, gives a great flawless finish. Used for shaping refining and taking down length on enhancements.

  • Leaves less residue whilst also reducing thickness of nails
  • Made with top quality adhesive tape
  • Only light pressure needed
  • Maplewood core allows for flexibility
  • Flawless results with every use
  • Ideal for manicures and pedicures
  • Ensures hygienic conditions are met
  • Can be disinfected

With guaranteed client satisfaction, CND™ Blizzard board 100/180 grit leaves less residue whilst also reducing thickness efficiently. Made with top quality adhesive tape and emery board materials, only light pressure is required from the therapist to product flawless and simply beautiful results.

Ideal for natural and artificial nails, manicures and pedicures. A maplewood core allows for flexibility, control and faster refinement of nails. Allows for hygienic conditions to be met within your salon, as CND™ Blizzard board is quick and easy to clean, water resistant and can be disinfected.

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