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MoYou - Frenchy Plate Collection 08

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MoYou-London Stamping Nail Art Image Plate Pro Collection

The Pro Collection is especially designed to create a unique pattern on the entire nail, for a high quality and professional result.
each Stamping Nail Art stencil from the Pro Collection includes 12 different designs.

Each design is 1.5cm on 2cm
The size of each plate is 6.5cm on 12.5cm and every plate includes 12 designs. 

The designs are engraved on the image plates. The nail art designs can be applied by nail polish, stamp & scraper. 


How to Apply:

In order to apply MoYou designs you will need the following:
1) Nail polish – for best possible results use MoYou™ Special Nail Lacquer, although other brands could work as well.
2) MoYou™ Stamp & Scraper.
3) MoYou™ London Image Plate.

Please follow carefully the next steps:
1) Remove blue protection sticker.
2) Apply MoYou™ Nail Lacquer on the desired design
3) Remove excess nail lacquer with MoYou™ Scraper using a 45º angle.
4) Pick up the design with MoYou™ Stamp using a rolling motion.
5) Stamp the design on your nail using a rolling motion.
6) Apply MoYou™ Top Coat for a longer lasting result.

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